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Hi, I am Craig Swanson, father of four, husband of one. I live with Elaine, my wife of 32 years and two of my college-age children, Eli and Jacque. I draft plans and design new homes and residential building projects in Spokane, Washington. The program that I use is Sketchup and I highly recommend it for play and work.

Addition plans in Spokane

I have drafted dozens and dozens of addition plans in Spokane, Eastern Washington and North Idaho. In 2022 alone I did 22.  Beyond my knowing how to model a 3-D version of a proposed addition plan in Spokane and beyond, as well as producing the plans required by the general contractor and building department, [...]

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ADU Plans in Spokane

I am a big believer in Accessory Dwelling Units and have drafted and designed several ADU plans in Spokane and throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. In fact, I designed and built my own house with an ADU one bedroom apartment five years ago. We live in Spokane Valley and at that time we [...]

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My Mom, my mentor. The Original Lady Homebuilder in Spokane

My mom, Bobbie Jean Swanson, is not unlike most women because she was a good mother, or a standout because she has lived in the Valley since 1945 and remains married to Dad, her high school sweetheart, after 54 years. While those who know Don Swanson might call that an incredible achievement, Mom’s noteworthy accomplishment [...]

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Considering a Home Addition in Spokane, WA?

Add Extra Space to Your Home Are you feeling the stiff housing market competition here in Spokane? If you're dreaming of staying in the neighborhood you're in now, but you've run out of space, it's often easy to increase the usable space within your existing house with the help of a home addition. At Spokane [...]

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The Peter Pad, A Two Story House Plan

There are pros and cons for both a two story house plan design and a single story house plan design. Recently I was hired by some folks who were very serious about building a custom home on their newly acquired property and had researched their choices long and hard before meeting with me. They [...]

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5 Reasons People Select Open Concept House Plans

The picture above features the open concept that I designed into the Della Dean, a home that I built in Spokane in 2011. This picture is taken from the dining room while looking out across the entry to living room and kitchen. The French doors on the left open to an office. You’ve probably already [...]

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Looking for a Custom Home Builder in Spokane, WA?

For decades my wife, Elaine, and I have been custom home builders and performing affordable home renovations in Spokane and the surrounding area as we raised our four children in the same town we were both raised in. Now the oldest of those kids, Jesse, is learning from me what I learned from my father.The [...]

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Draftsman?

The typical cost range to hire a draftsman is anywhere from $800 to $3,300 depending on where you live but will vary based on factors we will detail below. What is the Average Cost to Hire a Draftsman? Designing your blueprint or home plan should be your first step towards building any new house. These [...]

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Spokane House Plans w/ Bonus Room

If you’re looking to utilize more space in your home and don't require a house plan with additional bedrooms, you might consider a plan that includes a bonus room. These bonus rooms can be completed at the same time as the rest of the home, but I have seen cases where families have opted to [...]

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A Shop + House = SHOUSE

Pictured above is a "shouse" the that I designed and drew up plans for this past year. A few years ago I had never heard the terms "shouse" or "shome" or "barndeminium" , now I drafted plans for them on a regular basis. I was actually years ahead of my time [...]

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Do you need a residential architect or a home draftsman/designer?

  People are typically confused about who exactly they need to hire to draft their custom home floor plans. Should they Google for a local residential architect or plan drafting company or a home designer? I know because nearly half of my business comes from Google searches and so I am aware of the words [...]

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Beautiful Custom Home Plans built and designed just for the Millers

I must say that I have a dream job, working with couples to design their dream custom home plans in Spokane, Washington. Drafting custom home plans and plans for additions and shops is what I do most of the time. But each year I have been lucky enough to get to build at least one [...]

Beautiful Custom Home Plans built and designed just for the Millers2023-03-10T17:39:43+00:00
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