I am a big believer in Accessory Dwelling Units and have drafted and designed several ADU plans in Spokane and throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. In fact, I designed and built my own house with an ADU one bedroom apartment five years ago. We live in Spokane Valley and at that time we were told by the building department that ours was the first new construction house to be built here with an attached ADU.( Here is a link to a blog I wrote and video about it I made at the time.) 

One of the tricky things when you are considering building one is that ADU plans in Spokane may not necessarily work in the Spokane Valley or in Airway Heights or any one of the several building departments in the Spokane area. They all have their own set of rules and I advise my clients to get to know what they can and can’t do at their location before getting too far along. It is fairly easy to do because all the building departments have their guide lines on their websites and are fairly good at answer questions over the phone.

But for the most part ADU plans in Spokane and the surrounding area are required to be small. Below are some examples of ADU plans that I have drafted in the past and are availble for sale as is or for revision.

A small ADU plan in Spokane
592 sq. ft. that I designed in Spokane
Two bedroom ADU design.