I have drafted dozens and dozens of addition plans in Spokane, Eastern Washington and North Idaho. In 2022 alone I did 22.  Beyond my knowing how to model a 3-D version of a proposed addition plan in Spokane and beyond, as well as producing the plans required by the general contractor and building department, I know how the actual constructon of your addion project needs to be carried out. In fact often, though not always, I have a better idea on how to best construct certain aspects of an addition project than the contractor hired for the job. That is because I have been the carpenter doing the demo and build out for 30 plus years,  working for other contractors in the beginning, and then later on doing the labor and contracting.

These days the addition plans in Spokane that I draft and then build are limited because I have transitioned to drafting full time while my wife, Elaine, does the contracting and my son, Jesse, does the work in the field. My work on the few projects we do is as a supervisor for the most part. Below are example of  addition plans in Spokane that I drafted last year. The first one is one that we are actually building out this year. It is a small but meaningful project where we are adding a small addition for a couple in the Spokane Valley. It is going just off the bedroom of their handicapped adult daughter who has been under their care since an automobile accident many years ago.

As with most addition plans in Spokane that I draft, the purpose of the addition is to enrich the experience of living in the home for the inhabitants. Perhaps the most common addition is a master suite which principally enriches the experience of the owners of the home. But in the case of the Spa Room Additon we are doing currently, the loving homeowners are doing what they can to make the experience of life and living with them in their home as good as they are able for their daughter.

The second addition plan in Spokane that is pictured below is one we scheduled to build this year the rest of the examples are addition projects that I have drafted this year as of Febuary

Therapy Spa addition model by Spokane Home Design.
One Spokane Home Designs many addition plane in Spokane.
Master bedroom suite addition project in Spokane Valley.
Another one of Craig's many master bedroom addition plans in Spokane.
Family room addition in the city of Spokane.
A dining room addition in Spokane washington
One of many dining room addition plans in Spokane by Spokane Home Design.
One of many addition plans in spokane drafted by Spokane Home Design.
Another one of many large addition plans in Spokane by Spokane Home Design.