The typical cost range to hire a draftsman is anywhere from $800 to $3,300 depending on where you live but will vary based on factors we will detail below.

What is the Average Cost to Hire a Draftsman?

Designing your blueprint or home plan should be your first step towards building any new house. These plans can be created by a draftsman, or an architect. If you are looking to spend a lot of money for a custom built home , like well over a million, you might be better off with an architect. If that is not you, go with a designer/draftsperson.  Some people purchase a pre-created floor plan, while others desire a more customized approach and will need to have their plans drafted from scratch by an experienced designer. The cost of any house plan will mainly depend on whether the homeowner wants to use a pre-created design or design a totally new blueprint.

Pre-Created Home Plans

Pre-created house plans can be purchased from Spokane Home Design directly, or you can request a completely custom plan, which will cost  more than non-modifiable plans on average. Many homeowners request modifiable plans and they are definitely growing in popularity.

Cost of Customized Floor Plans

For a completely customized house plan which is designed from scratch, your cost will usually billed as an hourly rate.

  • The hourly rate for a draftsman will be around $80 to $100 / hr.
  • Architects will usually charge  more at $100-$160 / hr.
  • Small projects like decks will cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000.
  • Home additions average around $900 to $1800.
  • A shop with additional living space would cost $1200 to $2,800

(All prices quoted are dependent on the complexity of the project)

Your location is also a major consideration for any project, in addition to many other variables such as overall size, levels, and roof. Our current rate is currently averaging around $1.40 per sq. ft. of living space.

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