Add Extra Space to Your Home

Are you feeling the stiff housing market competition here in Spokane? If you’re dreaming of staying in the neighborhood you’re in now, but you’ve run out of space, it’s often easy to increase the usable space within your existing house with the help of a home addition. At Spokane Home Design, our experienced team will help you explore your options for home additions or redesign your existing spaces to improve flow or organization.

If you can increase the space of your existing house, your family can stay in the neighborhood you love without entering the highly competitive local real estate market. Our team can help you explore various options for additions or redesign an existing space to improve flow and organization.

A Home Addition Can Add Extra Value

Some folks choose to expand their home’s footprint with a main-level master suite or kitchen addition. Others might opt for adding a partial or full second story to their house. Modern technology allows home builders to engineer the walls and foundation to accommodate a new floor. There are plenty of ways to increase available space depending on your lot, needs, and budget—and those are all factors that we consider during our in-depth design process.

We know how to balance your needs to fit within your budgets’ limits. We’ll take time to listen to you and understand your plans thoroughly, and our company always shares realistic project prices and timelines for the Spokane market upfront. We also design garages, shouses (shop + a house = shouse), decks, and much more. We can help with just about any kind of drafting project you can dream up.

You should be aware that material costs have gone up quite drastically this last year due to availability issues. Though the investment could definitely be worth it in times like this, as a home addition will almost always bring a great deal of extra value to your property when done correctly. If you haven’t already, check out this resource from Washington State LNI on some of the documents needed for planning a home addition or renovation.