Thoughts on Custom Home Plans vs. Stock Plans

Are Custom Home Plans a Better Choice than Wholesale House Plans?

The short answer to the question about custom home plans versus wholesale plans is that custom home plans are the better choice when you want to have a new home built. The home we live in is not like the clothes we wear in the sense that I can wear the same Levi pants or Pendleton shirt as a million other guys because we all have two arms and two legs and so on.

We can’t all live in the same house design because our home is the most personal and complex possession we own. Perhaps even more than our own children, our home is the ultimate reflection of who we are. If you are hard working and responsible, your house reflects it by looking tidy and well maintained. If you are creative and have good taste, your home and it’s décor is an expression of that. If you are lazy, or too busy, or perhaps too old, then it will eventually show up in and around your house.

By the same token, your new home and its design will tell all who visit much about your tastes, your priorities and your sensibilities. Beyond being a reflection of who we are, our home is an adaptation of how we live our lives.

Some people love to cook and need a great kitchen layout. Some of us love to entertain and need the open great room with lots of seating. The size of the family as well as the ages of its members are also factors. Is the family indoor-orientated or outdoor-orientated? There are dozens of variables that go into what makes the perfect home for its occupants.

The reason custom home plans are best is because a custom home built just for us is best, unfortunately we can not all afford one. Most of us have to buy our newly built homes in developing subdivisions where volume builders have the lots tied up. Normally you can choose between a few subdivisions and builders in the developing areas of Spokane, but you will have to go with builders that have the where-with-all to finance a new subdivision.

You are not allowed to bring your own builder to most of these subdivisions. If you want a new home in a certain part of Spokane, you are stuck with the builder building there and their available house floor plans. This means you are going to be living in a home quite similar to several others in your new neighborhood.

The good news is that most builders, especially in these economic times, have a lot of options and they will also accommodate almost any variation on their stock house plans that you can dream up. This is a situation that is market driven and it survives and thrives because it works for most of the new home buying market here in Spokane.

But what if you don’t want to live in a new home that is not similar to your neighbors? You are most likely going to have to find a spot lot or buy some acreage. If you are able to do that and willing to put out the effort, then you are someone who is better off putting in a little more time and money and develop a set of custom home plans.

Study the stock plan books, tour the builder tract homes and then draw out your own design that is just what you want. You do not have to go to a big architectural firm to have your custom home plans drawn up.

Having a new home built should be a positive and exciting experience and the plan development is the most fun part of all. It is the starting point where all your ideas and dreams and desires go from your imagination onto paper in the form of a working document that maps them out.It is ground zero of the creation of your biggest personal property investment, the place you dwell as you live your own unique life. The time and money you invest now creating your custom home plans will be spread out over years of living in a home that fits you like Nicole Kidman’s gown and jewelry on Oscar night.


About the Author:

Hi, I am Craig Swanson, father of four, husband of one. I live with Elaine, my wife of 32 years and two of my college-age children, Eli and Jacque. I draft plans and design new homes and residential building projects in Spokane, Washington. The program that I use is Sketchup and I highly recommend it for play and work.
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