Bonus Room House Plan Designs

      Below are several bonus room house plans that I have drafted. I built some, including The Della Dean, The Cobbana, The Alvin Nook and The Laurie Lee house plans. I can attest to the fact that bonus rooms have become very popular.  Having been designing houses for several years I hear certain features that are on a lot of people’s wish list. It was on our  own list when we built our own new home recently. They just make sense to me.

    The bonus room area that I design into a home is always created by the roof’s trusses using what is called  the “bonus room truss.”  The area’s floors,  walls and ceiling  come pre-built into each truss. The designer in me loves this because of the ease in creating this area – no bearing  walls to have to create and the roof to cover this area has obviously figured out.

   The builder in me loves this truss-created area because the floor joist system and the truss bottom chord are create in one board, as are walls and ceiling. That means the bonus room comes with a fare amount of free labor and a lot of free material. That is  as efficient as it gets with home building. As a framer, I have always admired the structural marvel that trusses in general are and these in particular, though they are a pain to set because  the middle  2×4 webbing a framer uses to move around a normal truss is gone.

   The reason we designed this space into the home we wanted to down-size into and check out in was because we would rather have all our living space above the ground. My dad put in basements. I had my bedroom in the back corner of a daylight basement as a kid starting at seven years old. I know basements and I know that the view looking at dirt and grass doesn’t compare to looking out at the sky and tree tops.                             

     The bonus room house plan that we designed and built is original and unique. Typically, the bonus area goes over the garage  while mine goes end to end. Usually the bonus room is a large space that can be used as a playroom or an office or a family room while mine contains a guest bedroom, an office as well as a one-bedroom ADU that we rent out to our kid.

   Chances are that you will not find the perfect bonus room house plan from what  I have displayed below. (I do have more that are not quite website ready.) Finding  the perfect plan on an internet search is  tougher than finding the perfect partner.  If you happen to see one that is perfect that would be fantastic. Maybe one is close enough that we can modify it to fit you. If none are close, no problem. Just get in touch and we can draft a house plan from scratch with just the right bonus room in just the right place.

If you would like to take a video tour of my home’s design click here.

MAIN DELLA bonus room floor plan

The Della Dean     2,048 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus Loft

another one of Spokane Home Design's original bonus room house plan designs.

The Laurie Lee             1808 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus Loft

Bonus room house plan in Spokane.

The Chattaroy        1995 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus Loft

Spokane original bonus room house plan designs

                   The Alvin Nook      1940 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus Loft

The Cobbana      2,560 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus loft

luna landing floorplan with bonus room

            The Luna Landing                   2,652 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus Loft

Suttton Burrow house plan front

The Sutton Shire        2,060 Sq. Ft. Rancher with Bonus Loft