My Humble You Tube video with 71,000 plus hits

//My Humble You Tube video with 71,000 plus hits

My Humble You Tube video with 71,000 plus hits

I put up this video nearly four years ago while building the Della Dean and have been amazed at how much it has been watched considering I just did it on a lark. I gave my smart phone to my son Eli and had him shoot while I jabbered on about how I install crown molding on cabinets. There was just one take and no editing. The thing still gets watched a lot. In the last 30 days You Tube analytics says it has been watched 1,033 times for a total of 2,074 minutes. I made a few other videos at the same time that are less viewed but they all combine for a total of 2,840 views  and 8,334 minutes last month.

All told, my handful of quicky and quirky little videos have been viewed 80,686 times. I remember putting them up just to see what they would do. I can’t figure out why the one has taken off compared to the rest. But there is a lot I can’t figure out about the internet and especially  You Tube which I find almost unbelievable.


About the Author:

Hi, I am Craig Swanson, father of four, husband of one. I live with Elaine, my wife of 32 years and two of my college-age children, Eli and Jacque. I draft plans and design new homes and residential building projects in Spokane, Washington. The program that I use is Sketchup and I highly recommend it for play and work.