The Bohnet                             

                          2160 sq. ft. rancher

   This home is another empty nester type home that was recently built on a golf course and so it has a golf cart garage bay and a generous covered back porch that looks out onto the 9th hole. This home features a dramatic entry that opens to a spacious great room area.

These Designs are Available for Purchase and Modification

   All the plans below are available for $600.00. Many are available for immediate delivery though some might require at least a week as they need to be converted from hand-drawn versions to the digital program that I now use (a week out). I am in the process of converting my entire catalogue but I am also in the process of making a living designing new homes and so it will take time to get to them all.

   By the same token, this page is incomplete and will remain a work in progress for probably most of 2014.

    I do not intend to create any automation, at least for now, in regards to collecting payments and delivering plans. I would rather deal with each customer individually and in person via email or phone. I am, after all, a real person and so are you.

   I am set up to receive payment via Paypal and can always take a check, preferably a cashier's.

All the plans here have been built or are scheduled to be built in the near future. (click on houses to see more on each plan)

‚ÄčPlans with bonus lofts

The Newman                   

                          1446 sq. ft. 2-story

   This house is designed to be built on a narrow lot. It is only 20' wide but still has three bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms as well as a one-car garage. There is a total of 1446 sq. ft. with 710' upstairs and 736' down.

The Sinclair

   1180 sq.ft. rancher w/ drivethru garage

   I designed and built this home in 2001 and recently talked to the couple who had lived in it since. They told me they loved everything about the house and felt very lucky to have found it.

  Its most unique feature is a drivethru garage, but close to that is the hidden room in the gable above the front bedroom.


The Wigwam                    

                         2200 sq.ft rancher

   This house was designed and built for Winson and Teresa Wiggins in the Spokane Valley.  509-868-8972