Much More than Just Spokane House Plans

My name is Craig Swanson and I have been drafting Spokane house plans for several years. Actually, I do much more than just draft house plans for houses to be built in Spokane. For one thing, I do the work on my own website, be it ever so humble, and since this page is going after the search engine term “spokane house plans” I have to make that phrase prominent for web visibility sake.

If you have a project in mind, any building project, then you need a set of plans whether it be custom home plans, addition plans, shop plans, tool shed plans or deck plans. I draft plans for all these, and they are all that you need to get estimates, permits and the thing built. And you do not have to live or plan to build in Spokane given our wonderful worldwide web which has enabled me to work with clients living in other parts of the country whom I never had the privilege to meet face to face, only monitor to monitor and ear to ear.

One thing I will say is that I believe what sets me apart from other drafting companies is that I have spent many years with my tool bags on learning exactly how to frame these projects that I design as well as how to put in the footings and foundations and install the cabinets and do the painting and tiling.

       Each year I  do  the general contracting on  a custom home or two  and maybe a remodel project. All this experience makes me a resource of information on all aspects of the upcoming project that you are searching the web looking for someone to draw up plans for. I can answer many questions about all phases of the building experience from planning to final occupancy permit, as well as provide my list of suppliers and sub-contractors that I have used for years and will treat you as they do me.

maconaheycape cod
Craig, I have to tell you, this has been amazing. You have been most accommodating and I really appreciate the time you have spent. You’ve really done an excellent job and the presentation is a great way to help me visualize everything.Thanks again Craig, looks amazing!
Rob Stone
Working with Craig was a great experience. You can tell that he has been designing and building new homes for many years. He took all of our ideas, dreams, needs, and came up with a design that was better than we thought we could ever get
Scott Parsons
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Craig Swanson

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I lost my last site due to technical calamities and so am starting over. More pages are on the way!